Agency services

OÜ Tallship offers the following package of agency services:
- prompt submission of information to port authorities, customers and other organisations;
- calculation of the pro-forma covering port dues, expenses and service fees (D/A pro-forma);
- timely reservation of available berths;
- ordering of pilot/tugs and organisation of immigration and customs clearance;
- providing performance of arrival and departure formalities in both the port and at roadsteads;
- compilation and issuing of documents, bills of lading, cargo plans and manifests;
- assisting crew in negotiations with the port administration, stevedoring companies and other suppliers of port services;
- organisation and supervision of loading and discharging process;
- placement of orders for supplies and fuel;
- placement of orders for repair work on board and supervision of such on behalf of ship owners;
- commencement of legal proceedings on behalf of ship’s owners or her captain within arbitral or judicial authorities of the State to ensure efficient protection of the principal; 
- representation of the principal’s interests when solving disputes and performance of other tasks requested by the ship owner in connection with the vessel’s stay in the port.